Scott Richards

Scott RichardsScott Richards, Vice President Digital Strategy @Epsilon

Scott Richards is a leading marketing consultant who helps Epsilon’s clients bridge the gaps between business need, technical requirement and creative output to optimize their marketing ecosystems for more efficient and impactful experience creation. A seasoned executive with more than 15 years of hands on experience building businesses and capabilities from the ground up and producing award winning experiences that range from global social influencer based loyalty programs and gamficiation platforms to Superbowl spots and real time sub second transactional data systems.

The combination of Scott’s diverse background along with his “roll up his sleeves and get it done” attitude makes him perfect for those projects that don’t fit nicely into prebuilt box solutions. These experiences and capabilities has put Scott in a position to work with many of the world’s top brands including Nike, Hilton, Kraft, BMW, Sony, Sears, Citi to name a few enhancing their digital communications and helping drive innovation and sales.

Scott joined Epsilon in 2009 to evolve their digital vision by establishing their mobile and social capabilities. He now works across the Epsilon portfolio helping clients future-proof their marketing investments.