Rules and Eligibility

The DMA Innovation Awards 2014 celebrate the game-changing products and solutions that enable marketers to shift away from conventional marketing practices and enter, with confidence, a marketing space dominated by data-driven techniques and defined by rapid development, growth and change.

Innovation can be in the form of new-to-market offers, standing solutions addressing complex business problems, market-leading solutions, or a new approach altogether that improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the programs.

Entry Criteria

Entries are to meet the following criteria:

  • Innovative advances must have been available on the market from January 2013 to May 2014.
  • Have innovative distinction from other products or solutions currently developed for the marketing community.
  • If it’s a production extension, it must have substantial modification or adaptation.
  • Have a fresh way of looking at an existing solution.
  • Provide benefit to the marketing community and their customers.
  • Show how it has helped the end user improve efficiency or effectiveness.
  • Provide data and detailed, measurable results to quantify the impact.

Complete entries (including relevant materials) should be submitted via email or mail. See details below.


Please provide a clear, concise and logical response to each and every question that is applicable to your entry.

You must use the official entry form to enter your product and/or solution.

The product and/or solution must have been available on the market after June 2013.

You may enter your product and/or solution into more than one category. The entry free must be paid for all categories entered.

The DMA Innovation Awards 2014 Committee reserves the right to reassign entry categories for submissions that are deemed incorrectly entered. Please retain a copy of your entry form for your files.


The DMA Innovation Awards 2014 Committee assumes all entries are original and the entrant either owns the work or has permission from the owner’s approved agent to enter the work, with all rights granted therein. The DMA Innovation Awards 2014 shall not be liable for any trademark or copyright infringement on the part of the entrant.

Submission of any entry acknowledges the right of the DMA Innovation Awards 2014 Committee to use it for exhibition, promotion and publication purposes in any medium.

Timely submission of an entry meeting the eligibility requirements and payment of the entry fee as stated herein ensures that an entrant’s work will be reviewed and considered for recognition. No other representation or warranty is made by the DMA Innovation Awards 2014 concerning entries, and all implied warranties are hereby expressly disclaimed.

If an entry receives an award, the manner and details of announcing such nomination and award is strictly within the discretion of the DMA Innovation Awards 2014. Entrant understands that all awards may not be presented to awardees or publicized in the same manner and some may be presented in a ceremony and others may not at the discretion of the DMA.

Entry Fees (Per Entry)

$149 DMA Members
$199 Non-Members


Payment can be made via credit card or check. Please indicate payment method on the entry form. Credit card information should be included on the entry form. For check payments, please make check payable to DMA Innovation Awards 2014 and be sure to include your entry name on the check.

By Email: Entries should be emailed to the DMA Innovation Awards 2014 Committee at

By Mail: Entries should be mailed to:

DMA Innovation Awards 2014 Committee
c/o Jenny Abreu, CMP
1615 L Street, NW, Ste. 1100
Washington, DC 20036