Judging Process

Judges will assess the applications primarily on three criteria:

  1. Does the innovation break with conventional ideas or processes in its field? Is it completely new? Does it go beyond marginal improvements on something that already exists? Is it a fresh way of looking at an existing solution?
  2. Will it have a wide impact on future technology in its field or in other fields? Who is the end user — a marketer or a supplier? Has it helped the end user improve his/her efficiency? Are there any data available to quantify this impact?
  3. Has the product or solution made a difference in the marketing community? Has it influenced the way today’s data-driven marketers think? Has it made the end user more effective? Has it strengthened and advanced the future of data-driven marketing for the long term?

Judging will take place in mid-May. All entries will be prescreened to ensure that the entries have correctly met the entry guidelines. The judges have the right to reassign entry categories for entries that are deemed incorrectly entered. Please retain a copy of your entry form for your files. Winners will be notified by email using the information provided on the entry form. All winners will be recognized during DMA2014 in San Diego, CA

The DMA Innovation Awards 2014 will boast a distinguished panel of judges, representing the most prestigious names in the industry.