Competition Overview

The DMA Innovation Awards 2014 celebrate the game-changing products and solutions that enable marketers to shift away from conventional marketing practices and enter, with confidence, a marketing space dominated by data-driven techniques and defined by rapid development, growth and change.

Innovation can be in the form of new-to-market offers, standing solutions addressing complex business problems, market-leading solutions, or a new approach altogether that improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the programs. Finalists and winners will be selected by a distinguished panel of judges.

This year, DMA will recognize solutions across five categories that parallel several of the presentation tracks at DMA2014.

*Digital Technology
Solutions that use digital technologies to develop timely and relevant communications in an effort to build brand awareness, customer interaction, and conversion. The digital technologies in this category include display, search, email, social, content, and affiliate marketing.

*Data, Analytics & Attribution
Solutions for online/offline marketing that focus on database, data processing and hygiene, reporting, and advanced analytics using integrated technologies to improve the process, cost, and execution management for end to end campaign delivery. The automated data and analytics in this category should allow for timely and relevant communications.

*Social, CRM & Loyalty
Solutions that center on retaining customers, building winning loyalty programs and increasing brand awareness using multiple channels that may include social and content marketing aspects of loyalty marketing include full points programs, membership programs, and value-tier analytics.

Solutions that are centered on the use of mobile technologies across devices to build either or both brand awareness and customer interactions.

*Global Sustainability – NEW Category!
Solutions that are centered on innovative sustainable products, services and initiatives while improving outcomes for the global environment.

*Please select the most applicable category keeping in mind that the judging panel will decide which category is most applicable to your innovation.”

What Are We Looking For?

How do you measure innovation in a data-driven marketing environment?

When is a solution the very newest approach? How do you decide what’s progressive — and what’s absolutely radical? How do you benchmark pure unadulterated craziness? To meet this conceptual challenge, we have formulated three questions that get to the heart of the matter:

1. How innovative is your product or solution?

  • Is it completely new?
  • Is it an exciting advance on a previous technology?
  • Or is it a fresh way of looking at an existing solution?

2. How does your product or solution impact the end user?

  • Who is the “end user” – a marketer or a supplier?
  • Has it helped the end user improve his/her efficiency?
  • What data is available to quantify this impact?

3. How has your product or solution made a difference in the data-driven marketing community at large?

  • Has it influenced the way the data-driven marketing industry thinks?
  • Has it made the data-driven marketing industry more effective?
  • Can it strengthen the future of data-driven marketing for the long-term?

PLEASE NOTE: Judges are MOST interested in the measurable, sufficient results the product or solution has obtained while on the market—NOT the length of time the product has been on the market.